Our Patreon is Live and we are working on filling it up with content for you! Here is the first in a series Rayah is doing called “Antifascism and Other Heresies” for Patreon supporters. We made the first bonus episode public so you can get an idea of what the readings will be like.
Here is the first Patreon post, free to everyone!


Hey Friends!
Rayah here – I will be uploading reads from Zines and articles about anti-fascism, restorative justice, and anarchy regularly for yall.
I will also post the link to the source material so you can follow along or find further reading.

This Episode: Against the Romance of Community Policing 


A couple of the titles that will be coming:

Capitalism and the Mystique of the Local

Leftism 101

After We Have Burnt Everything

Anarchism: What It Is, What It Ain’t

Anti-Fascism Against Machismo: Gender, Politics, and the Struggle Against Fascism

Clash of Communities

For America To Live, Europe Must Die

Revolutionary Solidarity

Cant wait for round two!