A black, square icon. In caps at the top it says "Episode 4." Below that is a photo of Amira and Rayah standing back to back. They are both wearing masks - Amiras says "slay" with red lips and Rayah's is rainbow. Below the photo it says "Emotional Labor"

Hello All! Welcome back to another episode of Advocate Activism! (this episode is also a video!)

Today, We kick off this week with a little grounding meditation. Rayah and I talk about the emotional labor we experience during this current movement. We explore a few words/terms, (Ableism and Anti-Racism) that folks may not understand, along with our experiences with loving ourselves through the hard parts! From our hearts to yours, Enjoy ❤ We see you! We love you! P.S. Join the conversation during our upcoming book club SELF COMPASSION, by Kristen Neff. Reach out to us for details…


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