Black square graphic with "Episode 6" in all caps at the top center, the font is black with a white outline and aqua drop shadow. The center has a trio of people carrying a large sign that reads "Black Lives Matter" In red, black, and green font. The people are mostly covered except for the top of their heads and their legs. From left to right - white pants and blue shoes, then white skirt, white leggings, and red boots, then white cargo shorts, light blue legs, and blue slip on shoes. Under them in the same font as the top it says "Protesting - What's the Use?"

Welcome back to ADVOCATE ACTIVISM! We have missed you! During today’s episode, we talk about why we are still here, doing this work, how it has affected our lives and, how we are able (or not) to sustain the emotional labor of community activism. We took a bit of time off of our podcast because, Rayah and I both have experienced burnout, fatigue, depression, anger, anxiety, sadness, and the loss of many. All with the understanding we can’t stop, but we did have to do a mental health safety check! In doing this work, if not careful, it can take you down a gigantic hole of despair and anguish. In fact, I’ve discovered, it’s why so little people do the work of activism in the first place.

The most recent way that I choose to use my activism & privilege of MINDSET WORK, for my community is making Mindfulness a normal conversation. You don’t have to find it through me, but Mindfulness can assist people like us with learning how to deepen self love and appreciation, EVEN in the BULLSHIT. By no means do I want to portray that this comes easy, it does not, but, what I do offer is this…Loving yourself enough to learn how to sit with discomfort while learning how to be an ANTI-RACIST is a fantastic skill to have. It is one of the best gifts to humanity.

I want to take a moment to say some words about my co-host & best friend. Rayah talks about being my white woman accomplice in the opening of our podcast. Rayah is SO more than that. There is not a day that goes by where Rayah is not doing this work, in some way shape or form. Even with her entire family including herself living with mental health issues of their own, Rayah continues to educate herself and her community about the awareness that, Cops kill the mentally ill. We have to be better about helping this community of humans that continue to get overlooked. During our next episode we will go deeper into this topic, but I thought it was important to say, RAYAH WE SEE YOU BESTIE. Everyone…please enjoy our latest episode, Protesting, What’s the Use?


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