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Hey y’all!  Amira here. Welcome back to another episode of Advocate Activism!   In this episode Rayah and I talk about our experience last Tuesday at Planned Parenthood as Clergy Witness for our community during a counter protest. 

One of the most difficult parts for me was seeing Black church members on the side of judgement and condemnation…seeing them on the side with the Pr0ud B0ys, it was truly heartbreaking and traumatic for me. Furthermore, seeing Black men and men of color as Pr0ud B0ys was truly an eye opening experience.  

Staring hate and anger in the face for several hours while standing with our community was also an experience I was moved and called to do. “Deep Abiding Love” like we learned from Reverend Sekou was at the forefront of my mind and heart.  

Please be advised, this episode may be triggering and we want you to do SELF Care as needed. We love you. We love our community.  We stand with and for you in the face of hate and bigotry, even against a Black church-goers! 💯 

Enjoy this episode: Facing off with Fascists.

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Video of the moment a woman on our side had her eyes jabbed by a white man and the bear mace started flying: https://twitter.com/redfishstream/status/1425481955165020162?s=20 

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