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Welcome back y’all! I’m Amira. In today’s episode Rayah and I have the pleasure of speaking with THE Rabbi Ariel Stone, Brandy Daniels, and Heather Hawkins.

Rayah and I listened as we heard about the beginning of Portland Interfaith Clergy Resistance (PICR). How Brandy stepped in on behalf of PICR for my first event, which led to Heather making contact with ‘purple vests,’ after seeing them in Salem previously. 

Rabbi Ariel gives us the most sacred reflection at the closing of our time together.  This is also a story of how Salem Keizer Interfaith Network (SKIN )got some of its roots, and we hear how witnessing and presence is the name of the game as we move with our spirit in the streets. 

We love you! Keep shinin’

Important note from Amira: The day that we recorded this episode, I felt as though Rayah and I just embarked on a new level in our podcast journey. Our passion for faith and activism was just spoken so powerfully and with the love and yumminess in the virtual space, we thought we would burst!

I have given all of myself to SKIN. I have made connections with people that I may have never met in my community and those connections will not change. My desire was to get to people’s hearts, In the same way, I love for folks to get into mine. REAL. RAW. INTENTIONAL RELATIONSHIP, (EVEN IN THE BULLSHIT). 

Today, I am no longer a part of SKIN. This was a quick and intentional decision as I have done several times as of late. I no longer want to attach my name to anyone or anything that does not dig into my guts, as I do so graciously time and time again. (I am over being gracious in certain settings).

We are choosing to air this episode because these humans are special and the journey that led us all together is worth the share. 


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