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Episode 10 – Convos with Kids

💥Trigger Warning💥: Slangs & terms that could be harmful are used in this episode.  Imagine a world where instead of telling your child “we don’t talk about race”, “don’t look at that houseless human”, “we don’t see color”, instead we sat down and had difficult conversations at an early age?  Welcome back to ADVOCATE ACTIVISM!  […]

Episode 4 – Emotional Labor – Transcript

Amira 0:02 This is Advocate Activism. We believe in standing up for the oppressed against oppression in all of its forms. Rayah 0:11 We practice restorative justice first, working towards healing and community restoration whenever possible. We also believe in boundaries that keep marginalized people safe. Amira 0:23 We practice this in ourselves first, through […]

A black, square icon. In caps at the top it says "Episode 4." Below that is a photo of Amira and Rayah standing back to back. They are both wearing masks - Amiras says "slay" with red lips and Rayah's is rainbow. Below the photo it says "Emotional Labor"

Episode 4 – Emotional Labor

Hello All! Welcome back to another episode of Advocate Activism! (this episode is also a video!) Today, We kick off this week with a little grounding meditation. Rayah and I talk about the emotional labor we experience during this current movement. We explore a few words/terms, (Ableism and Anti-Racism) that folks may not understand, along […]

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Transgender Day of Remembrance 2020

Remembering our Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Siblings lost to violence in 2020: Dustin Parker Neulisa Luciano Ruiz Yampi Méndez Arocho Scott/ Scottlynn Devore Monika Diamond Lexi Johanna Metzger Serena Angelique Velázquez Ramos Layla Pelaez Sánchez Penélope Díaz Ramírez Nina Pop Helle Jae O’Regan Tony Mcdade Dominique “Rem’mie” Fells Riah Milton Jayne Thompson Selena Reyes-Hernandez Brian […]