Power in Youth: Salem-Keizer School Board – Episode 12 [corrected]

Welcome back to Advocate Activism! This week Amira and Rayah take a deep dive into some of the things that have been going on in the Salem-Keizer School District. Local youth have been busy getting rid of SROs, pushing for the appropriate reallocation of those funds, and demanding violent and racist school staff and board […]

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Mini Episode – My Uterus, My Choice

Welcome to another mini episode! This week Rayah talks about what’s happening around abortion and the way fundamentalist christians use the bible to justify their anti-abortion stance. Here are some links relevant to the content today. Dig Podcast Jewish Stances on Abortion Biblical Passages about Pregnancy and Abortion Abstinence Only Sex-Ed Guttmacher Study FULL TRANSCRIPT […]

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Episode 4 – Emotional Labor

Hello All! Welcome back to another episode of Advocate Activism! (this episode is also a video!) Today, We kick off this week with a little grounding meditation. Rayah and I talk about the emotional labor we experience during this current movement. We explore a few words/terms, (Ableism and Anti-Racism) that folks may not understand, along […]